New 4-in-1 hydraulic separator from Calefactio

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New 4-in-1 hydraulic separator from Calefactio


10 January 2024 | Published by

In addition to isolating the primary circuit from the secondary circuit for heating and snow melting applications to prevent variations in flow rates and temperature, the new Calbalance 4-in-1 hydraulic separators from Calefactio separate water, air, dirt and ferrous debris. The coalescence process produced by the media allows air and micro-bubbles to fuse and then be evacuated through the Calvent automatic air vent. Dirt particles will collide and fall at the bottom of the separator where they can be removed using the drain during service. The addition of the magnet will also facilitate the separation and accumulation of ferrous and non-ferrous debris.

Improves the system efficiency by preventing corrosion, blockages, noise, and excessive energy consumption.

Easy to install and maintain, Calefactio’s new 4-in-1 hydraulic separator models offer better energy efficiency while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The 4-in-1 hydraulic separator product line is offered with 1” to 2” NPT connections including a wall support. Preformed polyurethane insulation is also available as an option. These are also available with 2 ½” to 4” flange. Unlike the regular models in the range, the new 4-in-1 models are equipped with coalescing media, an automatic air vent, a magnet and a drain. The maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI and its maximum temperature without insulation is 132°C (270°F).

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