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Air being lighter than water, it is physically drawn towards high points in a system. The automatic air vent has a float that is linked to a relief valve. When air is drawn in the chamber, it accumulates to a point where it builds pressure that will push down the liquid and therefore, the float. As the float goes down by the pressure effect, it opens the release valve that liberates air until the float comes back up and closes the valve.

Unique protection zone in the industry.

The air vent’s chamber is under a smaller chamber, increasing the distance between the water level and the deareation valve, thereby reducing the risk of contamination

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  • Oversized chamber giving more space between water and the deareation valve to release a greater amount
    of air at each opening while protecting the valve from contamination due to contact with liquid
  • Pin guided float
  • Easy to disassemble hexagonal head for cleaning and maintenance
  • Enhances heating systems efficiency
    • A system without air allows a full contact between the liquid and transfer surfaces offering an optimized temperature control
    • Limits system component’s corrosion


Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating & Snow Melting