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4 in 1 hydraulic separator with flange

New 4 in 1 hydraulic separator from Calefactio separates water, air, dirt and ferrous debris. The coalescence process produced by the media allows air and micro-bubbles to fuse and then be evacuated through the Calvent automatic air vent. Dirt particles will collide and fall at the bottom of the separator where they can be removed using the drain during service. Magnet will also facilitate the separation and accumulation of ferrous and non-ferrous debris.


  • Prevents variations in flow rates and temperature
  • Separate dirt
  • Separate air
  • Capture ferrous and non-ferrous debris
  • Improves system efficiency
  • Better energy performance
  • Increases component life
  • Reduces installation and operation costs
  • Easy to install and maintain

Technical data

Model Connection po Flow rate GPM Flow rate m³/h
CB250F-4 88 20
CB300F-4 3 132 30
CB400F-4 4 255 58

Maximum operation pressure 10 bar/150 PSI
Operation temperature range 0-100°C/132-270°F


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