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The unit is divided in three sections and the media is contained in bags that you can replace easily when needed. We have replaced the date label with a 12-month time indicator that needs to be activated. It monitors elapsed time and indicates when key time markers and a pre-defined elapsed time have been reached.

As the unit is divided in three sections, you can place one, two, or three bags in the unit, depending on the volume of condensate that needs to be treated. Use only the sections you need!


  • Wall brackets are included to fix the unit to the wall
  • Engineered media is contained in a replaceable bag
  • No disconnection required to replace media
  • Time indicator (12 months) included
  • No by-pass needed
  • Economical and environment friendly
  • Can be connected to hard piped
  • Long-life heavy duty tank and cover
  • Use only the sections you need



Model Width In/Cm Length In/Cm Height In/Cm Inlet / Outlet* Provided with
CS6 12/30,5 4¾/12 5½/14 ½’’ FNPT One media bag including 12-month time indicator, wall brackets, two 1/2'' x 3/4'' barbed fittings, and two glued ½’’ x ¾’’ female fittings

The inlet of the unit is located slightly lower than the outlet. You'll need to install the filters in alternance before using it.

Treatment capacity

Model MBH kWh gal/h L/h Unit Max condensate flowrate*
1 section 525 154 2.1 8 6.3 GPH (24 LPH)
2 sections 1050 308 4.2 16 6.3 GPH (24 LPH)
3 sections 1575 461 6.3 24 6.3 GPH (24 LPH)

Contact local authorities to verify the regulation regarding the authorized acidity level of effluent (drain or septic tank). Also confirm the condensate output with your heating unit supplier. In general, 500,000 BTU/hr at 92% efficiency should generate around 1.6 gal/hr.

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