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CondenSAFE with pump

CondenSAFE CSNP20 neutralizes condensate issued by modulating condensing gas heating devices. A rigid pipe or flexible hose links the heating device to the CondenSAFE unit to treat the condensate. Pump drives neutralized water to the closest drain. The media in the unit neutralizes the condensate pH to make it safe for the building components and most importantly, the environment. CondenSAFE can contain up to two media bags so to suit different heating devices’ capacity and condensate volumes to treat. Media bags have a label to mark the installation date. The unit weighs 3.1 kg with one media bag and connections. The incorporated pump is water and dustproof (Protection class IP65). Automatic starter and stop operation. 120V, 60Hz. 3-conductor power cable of 7.2’ (2.2m) with grounded 3 pin plug.


Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating & Snow Melting