Celebrating 10 years of expansion: $50,000 in prizes to giveaway!

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Celebrating 10 years of expansion: $50,000 in prizes to giveaway!


4 August 2023 | Published by

Calefactio Scratch tickets prizes giveaway

Calefactio is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and that’s why the company has decided to give some presents plumbers and contractors across Canada by including random scratch tickets in their products this fall. The good news is that they are all winners! $50,000 in prizes will be give in to customers to thank them for being a great customer. They just have to go in a store and buy a Calefactio product to have a chance to get their hands on a scratch ticket.

Winners can get several Calefactio’s products and some other 10th anniversary surprises.

Who will be the lucky ones to discover a surprise in their product this fall? We are curious to see where the winners will be located. We invite you to use the hashtag #calefactio10 in your publications.

Thank you for your support!


About Calefactio

Since 2013, Calefactio, a Canadian family business, has come out on top in the hydronic plumbing market and has taken an important place in the hearts of consumers across North America but especially in Canada.

Catherine Pichette et Jean-Philippe Pichette Calefactio

Driven by a wish to continually improve what’s best, the two founders, Catherine and Jean-Philippe Pichette, have embraced a mission to transform the hydronic plumbing industry their way, by investing in continual improvement. They want to offer not only quality products at affordable prices, they also want to make service more accessible and relevant to their customer by anticipating their need.

Calefactio is proud to offer more than 350 products all imagined, designed and distributed by people from here. Already more than one year has passed since the end of construction of the new 36,000 sq. ft. head office located in near Montreal (Québec). A big project that will allow the company to continue its expansion in the coming years, but also to offer a more modern and larger workspace for the wellness of its employees.

Calefactio head office

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