Meet The Staff – Gabriel Tully

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Meet The Staff – Gabriel Tully

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8 August 2020 | Published by

Gabriel is Sales Director for the province of Quebec and joined Calefactio already four years ago. He is also in charge of our system design department and is involved every step of the way when projects include Calefactio equipment. As soon as he got out of school, he specialized in hot water heating and quickly builds his expertise in radiant floor heating. Building system and administration technician as well as refigeration mechanic, he worked in a plumbing and heating wholesaler for over 10 years. Gabriel is perseverant and brings to the team all of his technical baggage in the hot water system design field. He wishes that his long-term vision and leadership bring his collegues to push themselves new heights and that it all contributes to bring the company to a higher level. As a matter of fact, he appreciates this dynamic and ever growing team that has the ability to take good decisions quickly.

He likes :
His family


He hates : Slow minds


Something we don’t know about him :  He appreciate his comfort (and not really wild camping…!)

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