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Service Kit For Potable Water Systems

For a professional installation that allows to have the system status in the glimpse of an eye, choose Calefactio’s Service Kit in stainless steel for potable water systems. It saves time and money. It contains an expansion tank (#HGTE-5, HGTE-8, HGTE-12 and HGTE-25), a stainless steel service center (#HGSC-SS) and a service valve with a pressure gage (#HGSV34).

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Calefactio’s service valve for potable water system combines many functions, one of which is offering the ability to read the system pressure at any time. When the valve is shut, it is possible to use it to drain the tank or to do its maintenance. Once the tank is drained, it is easy to check that its pressure is equal or higher than the municipal system and adjust it if it is not the case to ensure its proper functionning.

Connect the water supply to one of the lateral connection and continue the flow towards the heating tank on the other side. Plug the service valve on the ¾” connection and the tank under the service valve. It is also possible to connect the tank without the service valve. The device suits HGTE-5, HGTE-8, HGTE-12 and HGTE-25 thermal tanks.

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