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FTTE-C Series

Expanflex FTTE-C type tanks are ASME replaceable bladder type precharged tanks equipped with an ExpanVIEW tank integrity indicator. The FTTE-C is designed as a multifunctional bladder tank for controlling system pressures in thermal expansion, hydronic expansion, and hydro-pneumatic applications.

The FTTE-C design incorporates a unique flow-through design that promotes fluid mixing. Mixing of the fluid inside the bladder tank disrupts stagnant water, preventing growth of potentially harmful bacteria colonies. The water is contained in a heavy-duty butyl bladder, preventing tank corrosion and waterlogging.

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• Shell: carbon steel.
• System connections: stainless steel.
• Bladder: heavy-duty butyl (NSF approved).
• Maximum design pressure: 150 psig.
• Maximum design temperature: 240°F.

Features FTTE-C Series

Model Volume gal Volume L Connection (in)
FTTE-85-C 23 87 1"
FTTE-130-C 35 132 1"
FTTE-200-C 53 201 1½’’
FTTE-300-C 79 299 1½’’
FTTE-400-C 106 401 1½’’
FTTE-500-C 132 500 2"
FTTE-600-C 158 598 2"
FTTE-800L-C 211 799 2"


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