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Flow through

Calefactio is proud to present its new flow-through potable water thermal expansion tank. It avoids stagnant water in the tank and is an easy way to prevent microbial growth.

How it works: Waters flow constantly through an horizontal tank that can be used with most standard water heaters. Its heavy duty EPDM bladder absorbs the increased volume of water which results from the water heating process, thereby keeping the system’s pressure below the relief valve setting and protecting your water heater and appliances from dangerous pressure build-up or water hammer.

Features Flow through

Item# gal L Connection MNPT
FTTE-5 2.1 8 3/4"
FTTE-8 3.2 12 3/4"
FTTE-12 4.7 18 3/4"
FTTE-25 8 30 3/4"


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