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ESPA Series

Expanflex ESPA Vortex type Air Separators eliminate air quickly and efficiently from open and closed loop heating/cooling systems. Water enters and exits through unique “tangential” connections, which promote a low velocity swirling effect in the center of the unit.

Natural centrifugal forces allow the heavier air-free water to move towards the outer edges while entrained air is captured within the “eye” of the vortex and released out of the top of the separator. The water then exits near the bottom of the unit, bubble free, protecting the system against the noise, corrosion and damage commonly caused by entrained air.

Features ESPA Series

Model Max. GPM Diameter (in./mm)
ESPA2 56 2/51
ESPA2.5 90 2.5/64
ESPA3 190 3/76
ESPA4 300 4/102
ESPA5 530 5/127
ESPA6 850 6/152
ESPA8 1900 8/203
ESPA10 3600 10/254
ESPA12 4800 12/305
ESPA14 6100 14/356
ESPA16 8000 16/406
ESPA18 9700 18/457
ESPA20 12000 20/508
ESPA22 15000 22/559
ESPA24 17000 24/610


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