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Domestic ASME thermal expansion tanks with heater (hot water)

Domestic ASME thermal expansion tanks (hot water)

Available in horizontal/vertical

With water exchanger – statew
With tube exchanger – statev
With electric exchanger – staee

With pre-wired control panel
Available in 24″ to 144″ (diameter)


– Built according to ASME code, SECTION VIII, DIV.1
– Compliant with CSA B.51 standards
– Exterior finish: solvent-based cleaning process + application of attractive grey topcoat
– Made of carbon or stainless steel
– 125psi (862KPa), 150 psi (1,034KPa) + 200 psi (1,379KPa) models or more ‒ on request
– Replaceable anodes
– Certified by CSA for NSF/ANSI 61 & 372

– Cement-based water-repellent 20 mm (3/4″) thick paint finish
– Steel saddles for horizontal “floor-mount” setups


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