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CondenSAFE (commercial)

Modular Commercial Condensate Neutralizer Unit FOR BOOSTING TREATMENT CAPACITY

CondenSAFE’s commercial version allows users to neutralize acidic condensate in boilers with a 3,500 MBH capacity (1,026 kWh). Equipped with a stainless steel plate, each unit is made of rugged rotomolded plastic containing Calefactio’s own engineered media. Its modular design means up to 3 CondenSAFE units can be installed in series, tripling treatment capacity to 10,500 MBH.

Technical Data

  • All condensate flows through Calefactio’s own thick layer of engineered media
  • Optimized treament via upfeed inlet
  • Integrated overflow protection
  • Easy to clean stainless steel plate – 53 sq in (342 cm2)

Commercial CondenSAFE units are designed to optimize raw condensate flow. A double walled reactor features additional buffer volume for preneutralization. Preneutralized condensate flows up vertically through the reactive media. A layer several centimetres thick of neutralized condensate is always present on the surface of the media, minimizing direct gas exchange between the ambient air, containing CO2, and the media.

This flow method features a number of major advantages:

  • Better spatial distribution of condensate throughout the reactor
  • Less risk of media cementation
  • Better drainage with no loss of CO2-enriched ambient air
  • Extended product service life
  • Better contact between the condensate and the neutralizing media
  • Reduces likelihood of channeling

Installation In Series

Calefactio’s commercial CondenSAFE units can be set up by connecting 3 units together, in series, tripling treatment capacity from 3,500 MBH (1,026 kWh) to 10,500 MBH (3,078 kWh). Maintenance is even easier with our Connector Kit (#CSCUK).

Ensuring quality treatments, units should be installed in series, thereby allowing the condensate to flow through the entire treatment chain.

Features CondenSAFE (commercial)

Model Capacity Max treatment volume (L) Max treatment volume (gal) Height (mm) Height (in) Footprint (mm) Footprint (in) Connection (Input) Connection (Output)
CSC28 3 500 MBH 1 026 KwH 106 28 190 7,5 414 x 267 16 ¼ x 10 ½ 1 in MNPT 1 in FNPT
2X CSC28 7 000 MBH 2 052 KwH 212 56 190 7,5 414 x 603 16 ¼ x 23 ¾ 1 in MNPT 1 in FNPT
3X CSC28 10 500 MBH 3 078 KwH 318 84 190 7,5 414 x 940 16 ¼ x 37 1 in MNPT 1 in FNPT


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