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Cal-X-Tract Air separators

Calefactio’s Cal-X-Tract air separators are equipped with a brush-type coalescing media, a Calvent automatic air vent and designed with an oversized housing leading to a very high efficiency. Their function is to take air out of hydronic heating systems, allowing a better energetic performance while reducing the costly maintenance frequency. Their sturdy design allows to maintain their efficiency for whole duration of the system’s lifetime.

Technical Specifications

Model Connection Type Connection Size
CXT-075NC NPT 3/4'' (Compact)
CXT-075N NPT 3/4''
CXT-100N NPT 1''
CXT-125N NPT 1 1/4''
CXT-150N NPT 1 1/2''
CXT-200N NPT 2''
CXT-075SC Sweat 3/4'' (Compact)
CXT-075S Sweat 3/4''
CXT-100S Sweat 1''
CXT-125S Sweat 1 1/4''
CXT-150S Sweat 1 1/2''
CXT-200S Sweat 2''
CXT-075PC Press 3/4'' (Compact)
CXT-075P Press 3/4''
CXT-100P Press 1''
CXT-125P Press 1 1/4''
CXT-150P Press 1 1/2''
CXT-200P Press 2''

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