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Cal-X-Tract Air separators

Calefactio’s Cal-X-Tract air separators are equipped with a brush-type coalescing media, a Calvent automatic air vent and designed with an oversized housing leading to a very high efficiency. Their function is to take air out of hydronic heating systems, allowing a better energetic performance while reducing the costly maintenance frequency. Their sturdy design allows to maintain their efficiency for whole duration of the system’s lifetime.

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Technical Specifications

Model Connection Type Connection Size
CXT-075NC NPT 3/4'' (Compact)
CXT-075N NPT 3/4''
CXT-100N NPT 1''
CXT-125N NPT 1 1/4''
CXT-150N NPT 1 1/2''
CXT-200N NPT 2''
CXT-075SC Sweat 3/4'' (Compact)
CXT-075S Sweat 3/4''
CXT-100S Sweat 1''
CXT-125S Sweat 1 1/4''
CXT-150S Sweat 1 1/2''
CXT-200S Sweat 2''
CXT-075PC Press 3/4'' (Compact)
CXT-075P Press 3/4''
CXT-100P Press 1''
CXT-125P Press 1 1/4''
CXT-150P Press 1 1/2''
CXT-200P Press 2''

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