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BFA Series

Equipped with ExpanView, a tank integrity indicator alerting the ASME fixed bladder thermal expansion tank – top connection.

BFA SERIES Expanflex type BFA thermal expansion tanks, equipped with an ExpanView tank integrity indicator, are designed for use on potable hot water systems to absorb expanded water and prevent the dangerous buildup of pressure. As the water is heated, thermal expansion occurs and the water is forced into the precharged thermal tank. The precharged air cushion returns the water to the system when delivery is required at various fixtures. This arrangement prevents unnecessary relief valve operation, which results in wasted water and energy costs, and eliminates potential internal components damage to water heaters.


  • ASME Section VIII Construction and Label
  • Fixed ultra resistant butyl bladder CSA approved conforms to the NSF61 standard
  • Permanent separation of air and water, never waterlogs.
  • Smaller sizes for easier handling, saves space and installation costs.
  • Stainless steel system connection.
  • Can be manifolded for more capacity.
  • Factory precharged at 40 psig and field-adjustable.
  • Equipped with ExpanView, a tank integrity indicator alerting the user of a bladder leak by changing color.

Features BFA Series

Model Tank volume (gal/L) Acceptance volume (gal/L) Connection (in)
BFA5 3.5/13 2.3/9 ¾’’
BFA12 5/19 3.3/12 ¾’’
BFA20 8/30 5.3/20 ¾’’
BFA30 15/57 10/38 1’’
BFA42 22/83 14.5/55 1’’
BFA60 26/98 17.5/66 1’’
BFA80 35/132 23.5/89 1’’
BFA100 45/170 30/114 1’’
BFA125 60/227 40/151 1’’
BFA160 70/265 47/178 1 ½’’
BFA180 80/303 53/201 1 ½’’
BFA210 90/341 60/227 1 ½’’


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