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ASME Blowdown Tanks

Expanflex Type EBDT boiler blowdown tanks are designed to reduce temperature and pressure of the blowdown discharge from the boiler. This equipment is essential because it is undesirable to discharge the boiler blowdown directly to a sanitary sewer. The tanks are designed in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and stamped for 125 PSI working pressure.

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Features ASME Blowdown Tanks

Model Boiler design pressure (PSI)
EBDT21 to EBDT 26 20 to 50
EBDT51 to EBDT56 51 to 100
EBDT101 to EBDT104 11 to 150
EBDT151 to EBDT156 151 to 200
EBDT201 to EBDT206 201 to 300
EBDT301 to EBDT306 301 to 400
EBDT401 to EBDT406 401 to 500
EBDT501 to EBDT506 501 to 600
EBDT602 to EBDT606 601 to 800


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