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Cal-X-Tract Air and Dirt Separator

The Cal-X-Tract dirt product from Calefactio reduce the risk of damage that could be caused by impurities in the systems of heating.

They are equipped with a stainless steel coalescing media to catch the finest micro-bubbles, air and dirt particles without affecting the flow. The coalescence process  produced by the media allows air and micro-bubbles to collide and then be evacuated through the Calvent automatic vent. As for the dirt, they will merge with each other to then fall to the bottom of the separator to be drained.

Their function allowing a better energetic performance while reducing the costly maintenance frequency. Their sturdy design allows to maintain their efficiency for whole duration of the system’s lifetime.

Models with a magnet facilitate the separation and accumulation of ferrous impurities thanks to their magnetic field. Some non-ferrous particles are also captured.


Air and Dirt Separators Features



Modèle Type de connection Aimant Taille de connection
CXTAD-075N-MAG NPT Oui 3/4''
CXTAD-100N-MAG NPT Oui 1''
CXTAD-125N-MAG NPT Oui 1 1/4''
CXTAD-150N-MAG NPT Oui 1 1/2''
CXTAD-200N-MAG NPT Oui 2''
CXTAD-075S-MAG Sweat Oui 3/4''
CXTAD-100S-MAG Sweat Oui 1''
CXTAD-125S-MAG Sweat Oui 1 1/4''
CXTAD-150S-MAG Sweat Oui 1 1/2''
CXTAD-200S-MAG Sweat Oui 2''
CXTAD-075P-MAG Press Oui 3/4''
CXTAD-100P-MAG Press Oui 1''
CXTAD-125P-MAG Press Oui 1 1/4''
CXTAD-150P-MAG Press Oui 1 1/2''
CXTAD-200P-MAG Press Oui 2''
CXTAD-075N NPT Non 3/4''
CXTAD-100N NPT Non 1''
CXTAD-125N NPT Non 1 1/4''
CXTAD-150N NPT Non 1 1/2''
CXTAD-200N NPT Non 2''
CXTAD-075S Sweat Non 3/4''
CXTAD-100S Sweat Non 1''
CXTAD-125S Sweat Non 1 1/4''
CXTAD-150S Sweat Non 1 1/2''
CXTAD-200S Sweat Non 2''
CXTAD-075P Press Non 3/4''
CXTAD-100P Press Non 1''
CXTAD-125P Press Non 1 1/4''
CXTAD-150P Press Non 1 1/2''
CXTAD-200P Press Non 2''

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