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ABM Series

These shock absorbers are designed to limit excessive pressure variations caused by pump shut-offs or valve closings. ASME code fabrication, these vessels come with a heavy-duty bladder, pressure gauge and gas purger (ABM series). It will eliminate any possible damage and destructive force that can cause wave shocks when the rate of flow changes abruptly. This water hammer may occur in a closed conduit flowing full when there is either a retardation or acceleration of the flow, such as with the change in opening of a valve in the line.

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• “U” stamped in accordance with the ASME Code for pressure vessels used to 150 psi (1034 kPa).
• Replaceable bladder.
• Gas vent and pressure gauge.
• Red oxide primer finish.

Features ABM Series

Model Volume gal Volume L
ABM160 43 163
ABM250 66 250
ABM400 106 401
ABM600 158 598
ABM1000 264 999
ABM1600 423 1601
ABM2000 528 1999


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