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Calpex-R (A)

CALPEX-R (A) is Calefactio’s transluscent cross-linked pex pipe. It is designed for use in radiant heating and snow melting systems. They are built with an barrier that limits oxygen diffusion through tubing walls to less than 0,10m3/day at 104°F, thus protecting system components. This tubing meets DIN4276 norm criteria and are conform to SDR-9 dimensions. CALPEX-R (A) is designed to resist a maximal pressure of 160PSI @ 73,4°F (23°C), 100 PSI @ 180°F(82°C) and 79 PSI @200°F (93°C). CALPEX-R (A) can be used in potable systems as it is certified NSF14.

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CALPEX-R-12-300A ½” PEX-a radiant 300 ft
CALPEX-R-12-1000A ½” PEX-a radiant 1000 ft
CALPEX-R-58-300A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 300 ft
CALPEX-R-58-400A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 400 ft
CALPEX-R-58-500A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 500 ft
CALPEX-R-58-1000A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 1000 ft
CALPEX-R-34-100A ¾'' PEX-a radiant 100 ft
CALPEX-R-34-500A ¾'' PEX-a radiant 500 ft