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The HGTE-HGTEV Series bladder expansion tanks are designed for use in domestic installations for potable hot water applications. The tanks are installed in systems equipped with a backflow preventer or as an add-on to direct or indirect water heaters. The tank’s function is to absorb the increased volume of water that results from the heating process, thereby keeping the system’s pressure below the relief valve setting.

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THERMAL TANKS (Fixed bladder)

Item# gal L Connection MNPT
HGTE-5 2.1 8 3/4"
HGTE-8 3.2 12 3/4"
HGTE-12 4.7 18 3/4"
HGTE-25 8 30 3/4"

THERMAL TANKS with BASE RING (Replaceable bladder)

Item# gal L Connection MNPT
HGTEV-30 14 53 3/4"
HGTEV-42 20 75.8 3/4"
HGTEV-60 30 114 11/4"
HGTEV-80 44 167 11/4"
HGTEV-180 60 227 11/4"
HGTEV-200 78 295 11/4"

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