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Caltherm Mega

Calefactio’s manifold kit is delivered pre-assembled and ready to install on its wall support. Headers are offered in 15 models (2 to 16 loops) with a maximum flowrate of 33.6 gallons per minute (119 LPM).

They come in pair and the kit includes supply and return headers, wall support, flowmeter, surface themometer (0-140°F or 0-60°C), air purger and drain. The integrated flowmeters allow the user to adjust the flow easily in each loop. Circuit isolation valves are also compatible with 24 V actuators from Calefactio (#AC24VNC).


  • 1 ¼ in connections
  • Pre-assembled
  • Integrated flowmeters (8 LPM/2.1 GPM per loop)
  • Maximum pressure: 88 PSI/608 kPa
  • Maximum temperature: 158°F/70°C
  • Provided with air purger and drain
  • Compatible with 24 V actuators from Calefactio (#AC24NC)
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Compatible with glycol used for heating (50% glycol, 50% water)
  • Possibility to isolate each loop with isolating valve and balancing valve
  • Low heat loss, safe to touch
  • Anti condensation
  • Thermoplastic does not react with system chemicals

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